Naked Linda Tran

Naked Linda Tran

The twenty-year-old Vietnamese/Chinese beauty from Las Vegas, Nevada started modeling two years ago with the launch of her portfolio site, She has since worked with over sixty photographers and appeared in numerous runway and print work, trade shows, art galleries and film/television. One of the highlights of her work was landing an overseas assignment in Ireland. Linda Tran is also a featured favorite in the erotic movie shorts produced by Videogogo, and has appeared in a Playboy video, calendars, fashion shows and hundreds of websites.

Linda Tran continues to model and act on the side, though her top priorities are college (where she is a full-scholarship student at a New York art school) and her new web design company. Upon finishing her degree in Spring 2001, Linda plans to manage her company full-time and has already won several awards from the design industry for her multimedia talents (which you can see on all three of her sites). When not modeling, going to classes or building websites, Linda is a total extreme girl and loves cliff-diving, skydiving, wakeboarding and kickboxing. She is also a travel fanatic and a shopping junkie... On weekends, you'll find her hitting flea markets in the city during the day and sipping her favorite martinis at a SoHo lounge at night.

Naked Linda Tran Trivia

  • "A lot of my old classmates from grade school email me out of the blue, not believing that this exhibitionist model on the Internet used to be the bookish girl in their anatomy class. Well, I guess I learned a lot in anatomy! Don't they say the quiet ones are always the most dangerous? It goes to show that you shouldn't knock on that nerdy girl... you never know what she might grow up to be!" – Linda Tran
  • height: 5'7"
  • weight: 114
  • bust: 34b
  • waist: 23
  • hips: 34

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